We Help You Climb the Ladder to Financial Freedom
  • Everyday starts with
    some expectations
    but everyday ends
    with some experience.
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  • Sometimes good things
    fall apart so that better
    things can fall together.
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  • Dream what you want to dream,
    go where you want to go, be
    what you want to be because at the end,
    you have only one life and one chance.
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  • We're born alone,
    we live alone, we die alone.
    Only through our love
    and friendship can we create
    the illusion for the moment
    that we're not alone.
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  • Believe in yourself!
    Have faith in your abilities.
    Without a humble but
    reasonable confidence
    in your own powers you
    cannot be successful or happy.
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  • In the end, we will
    remember not the words
    of our enemies but the
    silence of our friends
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  • The greatest mistake
    you can make in life is
    to continually be afraid that
    you will make one but one
    who fears failure limits
    his or her activities
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  • That which you have
    gathered will not be scattered.
    What you have labored
    will never be destroyed.
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  • To forgive is to set
    a prisoner free and discover
    that the prisoner was you.
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Our Services

The beauties of the scheme are numerous because by being a member with a minimum ofmandatory an automatic compulsory saving scheme will automatically guarantee the member with insurance life cover more than the yearly savings and also provide the cover to protect the loan when granted after qualifying for the loan.

The Concern Minds For Grassroots Support Initiative is a Non-Governmental Organization registered for the purpose of assisting these lowest classified income and non-income earners within our society and whose standards of livings are classified as the poorest class to elevate and sustain their lives through the concept of attraction into the financing world with full life cover insurance protection for both their savings and proposed loan offer to them.

Join Now!

We Help You Climb the Ladder to Financial Freedom.

By joining our scheme will mandate you to learn how to save on daily basis from as low as N50 to N1,000 per day.

We help you to Increase your Revenue!

We Help You Climb the Ladder to Financial Freedom.

Due to the increase in their business portfolio funding, the loan will create business expansion, affordability performance of their living standard because their business turnover and profit will surely increase.
How to become a Member?
Be a member with Eight Hundred Naira Only (N800) and automatically get with the following benefits

  • Life policy cover according to your saving plans
  • Guaranteed loan of three times your Savings.
  • No collateral needed for the Loan.
  • The savings earn interest above all Commercial Banks.